SwimGuard– Standard - Marine Propeller Guard

2013 USCG Propeller Guard Test Procedure

A "Propeller Guard" That Works!!

For more than a decade, Propeller Guard Technologies has supplied all segments of the boating community with the most effective propeller guard ever designed for human protection. Our PropGuard is the only propeller guard that offers 360-degree “full cage” propeller encasement, thus providing swimmers the surest form of protection from a boat’s propeller.

USCG’s Boating Accident Reporting Database (BARD) continually shows a significant amount of propeller strike injuries and fatalities that occur in numerous ways. This data includes occupants falling from the front of a moving boat, while moving from boat-to-boat, while swimming near the back of the boat, or simply getting in or out of the water via the boarding ladder. Our Propeller Guard’s unique design will provide maximum propeller protection from all of these scenarios.

Designed for non-performance applications, our Prop Guard can be utilized on most any boat and will not compromise the safe operation of your vessel. In fact, at speeds of 10 mph or less, you won’t even know it there. Of course, as speed is increased, there will be a loss on top end speed. We make everyone aware of this to ensure customer satisfaction. If our Propeller Guard doesn’t meet your propeller safety needs, maybe one of our other products will.

Every guard is custom built to the specifications of the lower unit ensuring a durable, low-profile look. Easy to install, our Prop Guard is comprised of three main components: the front screen, main basket and the mounting harness. The patented mounting harness eliminates the need to drill mounting holes, maintaining the motor’s warranty. Once the mounting harness is in place, secure the remaining parts and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple. The SwimGuard may be the only propeller guard that can be installed without pulling your boat out of the water.

If your desire is to offer friends, family and loved ones the highest level of propeller safety at non-performance speeds, then our Propeller Guard is for you.


Customized for a perfect fit from the smallest (9.9 hp) to the largest motors.

High grade aluminum and stainless steel construction.

Can be installed and maintained with boat in the water.

Easy on - No drilling or mounting holes required.

Easy off - Can be taken off and reinstalled quickly, allowing for mission or job specific use.

Durable construction with heavy-duty reinforcements for hard working environments.

One year manufacturer's warranty

Complete a
SwimGuard Pro Specification Sheet for a perfect fit!

                     Swimguard Owner's Manual
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70200 Standard Swimguard $569.00
Be Sure To Fill Out The Swimguard Spec Sheet and Submit It For A Proper Fit!!!
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