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SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - For the third time in 14 days, a person has been injured by a boat propeller while on Shasta Lake.
According to deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff's Office Boating Safety Unit, Julian Bartra, 32, of San Jose, fell under the boat and suffered non-life threatening injuries from the boat.
Officials reported that an investigation into the matter revealed that Katie Bartra, 31, of San Jose, was operating the ski boat while drinking alcohol.
Witnesses told investigators that Katie was operating the boat near Slaughterhouse Island after a day of skiing with friends and family. As Katie drove the boat, at a low rate of speed, Julian decided to move from the bow seat onto the bow before he lost his balance.
Julian flipped backward off the bow and into the water and went under the ski boat. Katie reportedly put the boat immediately into neutral.
Passengers pulled Julian back on board after he popped up behind the boat and put bandages on his leg before taking him to the marina for further treatment