The Prop Guard Lower Unit Spec Sheet

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Please measure accurately, and indicate the dimensions in inches. Above are two pictures that show a properly installed prop guard. Notice how the harness is placed on the cavitation plate. Also notice the bolt at the back of the harness. This bolt is not only there to hold the harness in place once it has been fitted onto the cavitation plate, but is also strategically placed on the harness to keep the prop guard from gravitating forward when the vessel is backing up. The B dimension is the critical measurement that places that bolt. The measurement must be taken from the end of the cavitation plate to where the upper housing goes up from the cavitation plate about a half an inch.
Standard or Pro Guard:
Eng Manufacturer:
Year and HP:
A - Length of Cavitation Plate:
B- End of Cavitation Plate to start of Upper Housing:
C - Length of Lower Housing:
D - Length from Tip of Prop to Front of Lower Housing:
E - From Cavitation Plate to Tip of Skeg:
F - From Cavitation Plate to Center of Prop:
G - Length of Prop Hub:
H - Length of Prop Driveshaft Housing:
I - Width of Cavitation Plate:
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