Since 1998, Propeller Guard Technologies has supplied all segments of the boating community with the most effective propeller guards ever designed for human protection. Our “full cage” SwimGuard design is still the only guard that offers 360-degree propeller encasement, thus providing swimmers the surest form of protection from a boat’s propeller. This was confirmed during the development of the 2013 USCG Propeller Guard Test Procedure.
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SwimGuard - Full Cage
Designed for non-performance applications, the SwimGuard can be utilized on most any boat and will not compromise the safe operation of your vessel. In fact, at speeds of 12 mph or less, you won’t even know it’s there. Of course, as speed is increased, there will be a loss on top end speed. However, the SwimGuard will provide you with the highest level of propeller safety available.

MSRP - $589.00 each

SwimGuard - Pro
This version does not provide the level of protection as the SwimGuard. However, it does allow you to maintain a higher level of top end speed. Many water rescue professionals have stated “it’s a nice balance of propeller safety, while maintaining as much top end as possible.”

MSRP - $589.00 each


Model Number: SG - 1001
This bolt on design provides cage type protection on all sides except the front. 360 degree protection can be provided by including a basic or full front screen.

MSRP - $419.00 each

Model Number: SG- 1002
This bolt on design provides basic protection. Additional protection can be provided by including a basic or full front screen.

MSRP - $419.00 each


Model Number:SG-2001
The full cage front screen design offers maximum protection on the front side of the guard.

MSRP - $79.00 each

Model Number:SG-3002
The basic front screen design offers added protection on the front side of the guard.

MSRP - $79.00 each
Customized Propeller Guard Features:
Customized for a perfect fit from the smallest to the largest motors
Stainless steel construction
Durable construction with heavy-duty reinforcements for hard working environments
One year manufacturer's warranty

Complete a
Propeller Guard Specification Sheet for a perfect fit!

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Responding to demand, we designed the SwimGuard Pro for the rescue industry. This is a modified version of the SwimGuard. Its design is for those who are highly trained and only concerned with “core” protection.
Over the years, the SwimGuard and SwimGuard Pro have gained the respect of industry worldwide.Over the last few years, requirements for propeller guards have increased.  Demands for guards are being issued by insurance companies, occupational safety organizations, training facilities, theme parks, mammal, and of course, human protection agencies alike. Unfortunately, everyone’s requirement or level of propeller safety is different. However, what is consistent are the numerous requests for durable propeller guards. 
Once again, in response to demand, we now offering multiplepropeller guard variations.  If the SwimGuard or SwimGuard Pro doesn’t meet your specific needs, we will work with you and design one that does!